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With three locations in Halifax, it's easy to find a time and place that works for you. 

Our locations are conveniently located  on and close to the peninsula and may be just minutes away from where you live!

We're strollin' all summer so staying fit doesn't have to take a holiday! We take our workouts outdoors whenever possible so you won't be missing out on those sunny vibes to get your sweat sesh in!

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Stroller-Based Exercise

Exercise with your child in a stroller - sing songs while doing squats. It's a great way to spend quality time with your kids while showing how healthy and strong you are! #multitasking at it's best

At the end of the day, we all want a GOOD workout. The combination of cardio and strength training will give you the workout you need to feel amazing....and the energy to chase after those kiddos!

Feel strong and be fit! Classes led by a certified CanFitPro instructor with Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist certification.

The Struggle is #Real

We get it: parenting is hard. 

Some days it's hard enough to get your hair AND teeth brushed let alone fit in a workout. Finding childcare while you workout can be near impossible. 

Exercising with your kids in tow is a great way to balance your busy lifestyle, reach your personal fitness goals and set an example. You can do all of this while being surrounded by a supportive group. Because sometimes you just need to hear "You've Got This!"

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